Want Me to Double Your Profits & Free Time?

(I bet I could double your free time & profits :)

So I’ve combined sales smarts, truly ninja strategy and a commitment to you having your life into a unique way to get that.

In the past couple of years I’ve had an average sale of 5 figures, birthed 2 babies, and cut my hours in half. (My tribe recently sold more in a month than I’m allowed to post, are a super authentic and seem to get side benefits from working with me like losing weight & finding love, lol.)

I’ve also learned personally from amazing teachers, advised spiritual gurus and had toddler-induced sleep deprivation.



Michael Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center


And I’ve pretty much perfected highly leveraged, low-moving-parts, really lucrative sales for coaches. (No one teaches what I do to take a cheap Facebook lead into a High End package.) Quite frankly - my clients often pause their FB ads because they have more leads than they need. So they spend time at the beach...not at the office, or doing events, or launching...

Things are still real. I have clients (now called friends) that have had very difficult things happen, so we’ve set up their business so that it allows them to be fully present elsewhere. The biggest result people get with me is that their life gets better, and that’s an honor and hopefully a legacy I leave.

Because I love results (otherwise I’d have to be crazy to spend 25 years in sales), I’ve decided to open up 5 more spots for the next year so you have access to this, too. If you’re at 6+ figures, you probably deserve more ease and profits. (One of my clients eloquently said “What gets you to 6 figures doesn’t get you to 7.” You’d be amazed at who’s in my tribe :)

I love creating results, so this is for people who are ready for that. We all have internal blocks (& that’s often where we get stuck so we certainly heal those for you) but this is not for people who are stuck in fear, the details or being unhappy.

If you are ready to add “new school” strategies that honor you and are authentic, and won’t give up your life for your biz then this is for you.

Bottom line… if you’d like to double your free time & profits while embraced by a group of women who are doing the same, I’d love to hear more about what you need.

Here’s what happened for some of my clients…

"Thanks to your input on our sales and marketing campaigns we've added an extra $150,000 in sales so far and this is just the start."

Bernadette Doyle, Client Magnets

“I bought my dream house this year (my husband named it the “Lindsay"), solely due to my increase in sales from working with her. My profits are 600% of what they were when we began. I started with a feeling that I didn’t deserve sales, and now we have more disposable income than we ever hoped we would."

Gina Nieves, CEO, MarkNet Group

Lindsay Wilson is the real deal. When she says she’ll come through she does. As a coach she could take shortcuts, but she is about bigger results (plus personal breakthroughs if you happen to work with her). It made me step up and serve at a higher level and I also sell high end packages (35K and above) with total integrity. Love you Lindsay. And thank you.”

Michelle Vandepas, TEDx Speaker, Marketing Genius

The 6+ Figure Women Entrepreneur Program
(aka More Beach & Less Office)


It’s sales smarts, truly ninja strategy and a commitment to you having your life all combined into a unique way to get that.

During our time together we’ll work to cut your hours and increase your profits. (You’ll be amazed to see what business models are really working these days for 8 figure business owners.)

Here’s how we do that:

  • You begin with a strategy planning session with me. We will map out how to get you from where you are to where you want to go in the next year, from business goals to life ones. Truly my business is an expression of my personal goals. As a woman who birthed 2 babies over the age of 40, I encourage you to really look at what your real birthright is and to integrate everything to get you there. For instance, often people are blocked in the same way around sales and love. When we solve one, we solve the other. You know that life works that way. 

  • We develop laser-like focus on lessening your hours and increasing your profits. The idea that you can either do what you love or succeed is flawed. Choosing either path is simply a reaction, so we unveil a path where you have both. The reality is that you wouldn’t be you without both.

  • You’ll get the tools you need to support you to reach your goals in the fastest, simplest, most authentic way.

  • Each week you’ll receive a live All-Access call with the group where you get whatever you need to move forward and implement. (You’ll also get exactly what you need to move through the internal blocks that may be holding you back.)

  • Monthly you’ll also receive the most cutting edge information I have on how to continue to leverage your life, including trends and insider information on what is working now. No more guessing, no more thinking about it, simply me giving you the “cheat sheet” on how to continue to grow your business with ease.

  • You will also have the opportunity to meet in person 4 times a year. (Some of the clients that have made the most profound impact on the world are people on the other side of it. Some of them you couldn’t get to travel (due to babies, etc.) and some of them you couldn’t stop from traveling (due to babies,etc so it’s your choice. With clients in South Africa, the UK, Australia, Equador, etc the one thing I know is that you have clients there, too. And this program will get you to them ~ whether you decide to travel or not!

  • Finally, you get tribe. You have constant access to women who are cut from the same cloth in our private Facebook community. You will be amazed by who’s in there, and have a place to be truly supported by brilliant women who are not only changing their lives, but giving back.

If This Is Right For You,You Can Probably Feel It In Your Gut

If you are a match, then we’ll immediately start taking away the struggle and provide more of the life you love.

For some we do this by simplifying your business model. When I began my business I worked 90 hours a week. Having had the benefit of learning personally from some of the most successful men in our field, I can quickly show you what needs to shift to provide true leverage.

Sometimes it’s the addition of Facebook Ads. It’s like a faucet of leads you turn on and off, quite frankly. If you’re at the 6+ figure level and you’re not using them right now, may I be honest? You’re reinventing the wheel.

Often, surprisingly, it’s simply about “new school” sales. It’s about owning your worth and power, selling in an authentic way (that just happens to work beautifully at this point in time) and allowing your story about struggle to end. (Reluctantly may I mention that I did sell $724k in a week recently? Just me and a phone. You could do that, too. I used to be a horrible salesperson to be quite blunt.)

Finally, sometimes it’s about getting people to do that for you. My happiest clients are the ones that do what they love – and we build a team to support them (be it a chef, salespeople or a personal assistant). Sweetheart, you were not meant to do it all.

Best of all, it’s all constructed to support who you really are. You get to be happy.

I’ll be there with you on the entire journey, as will an unbelievable group of women. If you’ve ever thought you were alone, this will heal that.


However This Definitely Isn’t For Everyone…

First of all, this program is not cheap. It’s not unbelievably expensive, but if you’re hoping for a $1995 training this is not that.

This is my total commitment to your business. This is access to get my help on anything. You will actually have to try to not succeed in this environment, and if you’re looking to do that then this wouldn’t be a match in the first place

You and I both know that the number 1 thing that accounts for success in business or in life is belief in oneself. You need to come willing to do that. You need to be ready to step up. You and I also know that if someone’s more committed to their fear than their courage they can’t be helped.

I am selective about who I work with because every moment with you is one without my 2 toddlers. So there are some things you must have in place for me to champion you:

  • Your coaching or service-based business must have a minimum income of 6 figures. If you have gotten yourself to $100,000 you are ready for exponential growth and I LOVE getting people results. The number of people we’ll be able to affect with your business, and the depth of impact you’ll have on people in your life, will be profound.

  • You must be committed to having a bigger life and a bigger business. It’s not an either/or. It’s a both/and.

  • You must be someone who implements quickly and imperfectly. We won’t get you the results you deserve if you stall in either place.

  • You need to be able to invest in your business without putting yourself or your loved ones into financial peril.

  • You must be self responsible. We all have our stuff, but it’s our stuff that keeps us stuck. You need to be able to own yours and be able to move through it with support.

  • You need not to have any active addictions. I am happy to refer you to resources where you can get help and truly heal. I say this as someone who once was addicted. Half my life later, I am so grateful for the person who helped me get help.

  • You must be willing, brave and willing to see the big picture. If you are in love with understanding every detail before taking action we will not be a match. The truth is that action heals. I will be asking you to take a lot of that. If anything would hold you back from doing that we are not a match.

  • You must have a business that provides real transformation and has real value.

  • You must know that now is the time. If you’re like me, you’ll also be about equally afraid, but your faith in yourself must be stronger than your doubt. You need to know it’s time to step up.

Here’s What To Do Next…

If you’re ready for results in your business and more life, and you fit the description above, then I’d love to talk. The first step is to complete the brief form below so I can know more about you.

It will only take a few minutes to complete, but please do lay it on the line. Otherwise, I won’t know enough about you to really understand how I can help.

I wish I could talk with everyone who fills one out, but if we aren’t truly able to serve you I’ll let you know rather than take up your time.

If I think we could be of service then I’ll personally chat with you to find out more. And I think you’ll be surprised ~ though I’ve overseen $50 million of sales I really don’t “sell” on the phone. To be completely transparent, I usually am just checking to make sure that there are no deal breakers on our end, lol.

I’m looking for 5 women at the moment, so there are a lot more applicants than spots available. When the final space has been filled this application form will be taken down, for clarity.

If you’re really ready to live the life you were created to live, then it’s time. You can get started by filling out the form below…







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